People relaxing in the McPherson Square park in DC.

It is a shame you can’t go outside, or open a window without getting a contact high. I am sixty-two years old. I don’t want to be high. I know it’s legal to have marijuana in the District, but there are people who don’t use it and don’t like it. You can’t take your children to the park because everyone is smoking. I see people with infants in one arm and a blunt in the other hand.

When you walk down the street it is like walking through a maze of smoke. When you open your windows your house is filled with the smell. God, I am tired of the smell. Lots of times I’m sure I’ve got a “buzz” just from going outside.

They sure did a dumb thing with the new law! Please, can someone help the babies and the old people like me who just want to smell fresh air?