An image of Kenneth Belkosky.
Kenneth Belkosky, Vendor 225. Image by Street Sense.

It is time for the government to take over health care in this country. We are falling behind other countries that ensure that citizens remain healthy. 

In the United States, insurance companies charge too much for health care and pay doctors too little. If the government takes over health care, even homeless people could get the chance to receive care. 

Currently, the poor and the homeless are afraid to go to the hospital or to doctors when there is an emergency. When they do, they are often turned away because they lack health insurance.  

Medication costs are too high for people to get what they need to recover. I know many people who have been turned away from hospitals or from purchasing medications because of this problem. It is a big problem. 

We need the government to take over health care so that all people will get better care.