A photo of row houses in Washington DC
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

What should I be but that person, the man who I am, the Believer in the unseen, the giver of Good Tidings, the seeker of the Lord’s forgiveness, to have justices denied to see a baby smile and to give all praise to the most High.

To see life’s water running free for every man, woman and child in need, let freedom ring, let spiritual healing bring forth peace, yes peace, Healing Peace.

A thought of no more unjust wars; No more white people, Black people anymore. Just being People forever more; Bring forth Healing Justice. Let us all walk through this door, Healing the souls and Hearts of those in need of Healing Justice. Let me Breathe: no more George Floyds in need. Let all the people Breathe the fresh air.

 I will Believe Healing Justice for the people will one day be no longer the hidden reality. If I only knew what Healing Justice really means, maybe just a place to have a place for everyone to just be. No more Hunger. 

Housing Justice is Healing Justice for me.