Marcus Green writes about healing with therapy animals. Illustration of a dog by artist and vendor Reginald Denny

I’m an Animal Channel guy. I love all sorts of animals. My favorite are dogs. Tied for second are any predators that basically live by survival of the fittest, whether it’s an eagle swooping down to catch a rabbit, a pack of wolves on a farm that kill a sheep, or a lioness hunting to feed her cubs. And of course, The Lion King!

Being that I have PTSD both from growing up in an abusive environment and from being in the Army, my goal is still to use a therapy dog as a tool to heal and manage my feelings.

I’m thankful to Street Sense for this platform to express myself and to my customers for their loving support. What I’m clear about is that no one is an island and there would be no me without you.

So, be blessed and keep up the good works!