I have nothing against people that may be going through changes. I work at a gym. Our company does its best not to discriminate. We provide elevators for people that are disabled and I allow the homeless use locker rooms to take showers and change clothes.  I don’t consider myself a bigot. When I confront something I pray on it.

However, there are many that come into my club always looking for loopholes to stretch rules. If I say two towels they’ll try to finagle me for four. If I say we close at 9:00 they’ll try to stay till 9:30. These people are not interested in anything but filing frivolous lawsuits. Their purpose is to implode the capitalist system through legalities, and in the end nobody wins — not the poor or the people they claim to represent.

Whenever the left passes a minimum wage law or bathroom bill the corporation passes the cost to the customer and makes it more expensive for the people they are trying to help. Thanks for fighting for my rights. Transgender rights is the latest Trojan Horse of the left. Male and female restrooms were never controversial until a few leftist lawyers saw a loophole that could bring socialism about by transforming the women’s restroom.

People are not in an uproar because men can use women’s restrooms. What people are furious about is most of these decision are not done by public approval, they’re decided by school boards or federal judges. This has been a pattern of  Barack Obama and the left when they don’t get an outcome favorable they pass a stealth agenda — and who suffers? The people whose rights they claim to defend.

The reason this is being pushed is not because transgenders are being discriminated against, it’s because  gays are the most successful of the protected class. They are integrated in the military, they no longer get fired for being gay, they have political clout and they can get married in any state. While other minorities just wanted to be respected. The LGBT movement has moved to a new phase — they know longer want to be tolerated or accepted, they want society to conform to their own delusions. They want people to acknowledge Bruce Jenner not as a man but as Caitlyn, or Chaz Bono as Chuck.

Liberals went off the deep end. When does the religious community put the crazy train back on the tracks? God made Adam and Eve not Adam, Eve and I-don’t-know.

I’m shocked more self-proclaimed feminists aren’t appalled and outraged.  Transgenderism is a direct assault on the core of womanhood. How can feminists claim the right-wing is waging a war on women then allow liberals to mock them by claiming  Bruce Jenner ( former man of the year ) can take hormone pills and say he’s a woman?

I’m not anti-gay, I’m being honest. I have many gay supporters that read my columns. I think  Log Cabin Republicans  and gay libertarians are wonderful. What I detest and repudiate are gay activists that want to push their way of life on others. I treat the alternate lifestyle like smoking cigarettes — if it’s not blown in my face I don’t care what you do.

As with Black Lives Matter or Al Sharpton, the LGBT activists don’t speak or represent everyone in the gay community. Their agenda is not to have straights and gays find ways to love and respect each other, they want to make America like San Francisco. They are willing to destroy anyone that opposes them so they can impose their vision of a Rainbow community.

I’m not irked at gays, but at these black pastors  that allowed gay rights to overshadow Civil Rights. I was born black. I can’t change, no matter what pill I take. To say a person born a male, who takes hormone pills to become female, is comparable to those that got beat up and murdered in Birmingham and Selma is an insult to African-Americans and should be pushed back vigorously.

This isn’t about race, color or gender — it’s about drawing the line.  Only a small percentage of Americans support transgender activism. This madness is being driven by radical leftists that are trying to indoctrinate children by teaching them that sexual deviancy is moral,  natural and progressive.

It’s all hands on deck for those that believe in God and Liberty. This is no time to be afraid of the P.C. police. We need to take the gloves off and say what’s on our mind,  instead of carefully not offending people because we don’t want to be classified as bigots.

We do need to have a raw honest dialog but it needs to be raw and honest, where someone can say what he really thinks without worrying about being sued or fired because the P.C. police wants to silence those that disagree with them.

Jeffery is a frequent contributor to Street Sense.