The word "MOM" surrounded by roses on a pink background
Karen Arnold / Public Domain Pictures

Happy Mother’s Day to a special mom and grandmother. My lovely mom is a special rose bud. She’s as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers: A sunflower, a tulip, a violet, all together.
She has been the very best at what she does. She’s been very independent, along with my sister Bridgette, since the passing of my dad. She is able to do things on her own. She raised me and my brother and sister so nicely alongside my father. You will never be forgotten.

Mom would always get us ready for school, help us with homework, and teach us how to cook and clean up the house. She also showed me how to put on makeup and do my hair to go out dancing and singing or playing games. She is a special diamond, a jewel that can never be replaced.

She was a dream come true when she married my dad and raised us so beautifully. My mom deserves and honor, a trophy for “Best Mom In The World.”

When I was younger, we’d travel in all weather to have fun and see the sights. We went to the zoo and saw all the animals while snacking on popcorn and ice cream. We’ went to different museums and stores. I still remember the smell of hot dogs at the old five and dime Woolworth Store, and our favorite record store, The Wiz. We loved our TV shows, too, during the ‘70s.

Thank you, mom, for your love and for being there when I cry and go through things. And for helping me out. We all love you. Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope all of the moms, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, cousins and great-grans out there have a wonderful day also.