Elvis Kennedy/Flickr

No You – No Me

By James Daniel Johnson

As I sit here contemplating life,thought’s of you are so dear
I wouldn’t be in the world if you didn’t bring me here

From my childhood I cherish memories that can never be erased
Oh how miss the priceless affections of your motherly embrace

Though often I’ve let you down,for me you continue to care
While others have turned their backs,for me you’re always there

So to GOD I’m extremely grateful,because the truth is evident to see
Mom when the LORD created you,HE was also thinking of me

Memories with Mother

By Patty Smith

My mother celebrated every little holiday that came along, Christmas being the largest. Toys, candy, pecans from Mississippi… Our grandparents would send us presents. All our relatives and friends came to our house. Cold weather. Snow on the ground. Happy kids decorating the living room mantelpiece and Christmas tree. Gifts and gift wrapping the whole week of Christmas.
Years later, my mother is in a nursing home. But those times and these times mean a lot to me on Mother’s Day.

Everyone Has a Mother

By Jacquie Turner

Mother’s Day is coming up and everyone has a mom–good, bad, indifferent, dead or alive. There are all kinds of mothers, but to be able to bring life into the world is a gift and should be celebrated. So Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of the world!