This Mother’s Day is very lonely for my mother. This will be another Mother’s Day without my father showing his love for her and giving her a bouquet of fresh cut violets and roses or carnations and a sweet Mother’s Day card. He showed his love for her and his appreciation for her with special gifts like a nice dinner and a diamond and gemstone silver and gold heart. Their love stood the test of time. My mother married a wonderful army man who had no problem showing his love to her, betting engaged to her and marrying her. Mom, you were the one he picked. You are a dream come true. You have been a beautiful and wonderful mother and a grandmother full of love and happiness. You raised us so beautifully and you showed your love and smile always. Through the sad and good times of your life you never showed your tears. You shed them when you were alone in private moments of your life, moments of heartache and pain. Losing Dad, you cried alone to our heavenly father. You are strong and you dearly miss him every day. Sometimes it’s hard being without him. He is here in spirit, watching over you and us and smiling at you and Bridgette. You are a treasure, best mother in the world. I love you, Mom. Through your ups and downs you raised us. Your smile is so heavenly and so kind. We are here for you. Dad may be gone but he is still in our hearts and you have us always and forever. Remember, Dad is in the house with you and Bridgette, sitting on the sofa watching TV or sitting at the dining room table saying, “Don’t worry. I am OK. I love this new house. It’s perfect. Sitting on the porch is my favorite. I am in spirit watching over you. I am in my favorite spot eating my favorite food. I have a new body and life. I’ve been healed by Jesus. I feel good in my new home here in my mansion. It is wonderful and beautiful, a new life of peace. There is no more suffering and pain.” My father is with us all day long. He misses us and is so happy to know we’re OK. Though he is missed by us every day he is present. He is saying, “I am doing fine.” Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and to all the mothers of the world.