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Dear Dad, 

 I want to thank you for bringing me into this world and raising me to be the man that I am today.   

You provided care and love from day one, showing me the difference between right and wrong, and chastising me when necessary. However, there were times I didn’t understand why you did what you did.  

When I got older, I finally realized that you love me and you did not want me to go astray. I could be a knucklehead at times. Yet still you showed me love and care.  

We shared some good times together, like teaching ten-year-old me about the facts of life on my first date. 

And then one day you passed on. I’m glad I was able to tell you that I love you before that day came. 

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. 

 This poem is dedicated to my Father, who passed on 5/9/2018.