Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and dads of the world. All fathers to sons, grandfathers to grandsons, uncles to nephews, great grandparents to great grandchildren. This is a special day of thanks and love and honor, to all fathers. Our fathers who served in the military; Army, Marines, Air Force, World War I, World War II. For those who put their lives at risk for us. The very strong heroes. Our fathers deserve the best of high honors and appreciation and excellence. Dads who helped raise their sons to be young men and teach them how to make it in life; the rights and wrongs, do’s and dont’s, of a young child to adulthood. I give special thanks on this day to my dad, my grandfather, my great grandfather and my uncles. They will never be forgotten. They will be remembered with special honors as those who helped to serve this country. Even though my grandfathers are gone, they serve forever in their new resting place in heaven. My father is the best dad in the world. He is a great, loving father. Honorable, cheerful, smart, intelligent and great at all things. He loves all sports, especially football. He is dedicated to his Redskins and boxing matches. He loves his iced tea, crab, coffee, sub sandwiches and snacks. He is has many honors, with full fledged flags and stars of honor. He was featured in the newspaper. He helped to serve his country with great honor in 1961. He enjoyed school, even making the honor roll, and participated in many activities. He married my beautiful mother. He cared and showed his love for our family, my two sisters, brother and me. He’s been there for us when we were sick, or
well, during happy times, and sad. He was there for my sisters, brother, and me when we went on dates, stayed out late, went to shows, carnivals, movies, dinner or just went out with friends. He is very
understanding and stood the test of times when we were in school. We all went to Ketcham Elementary, Kramer Junior High, and Anacostia Senior High. We graduated with honors and all went to college. He
helped us with homework and nobody can replace him. He would cook dinner when my mother was sick. He played the role of mom when she went to the hospital, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love you dad, forever. The greatest gift goes to you dad, with beautiful balloons and ribbons in your honor.