Flickr//Charlie Hallin
Flickr//Charlie Hallin

2000 years ago, God sent a present to the world to help the people: he sent Jesus. Jesus came so the people could be saved! He gave his life for people. This is why we know we should be thankful. There is no greater love.

So, by his example, we should try to keep peace and care about each other. Love each other. Not just sometimes, but all the time. Not just during Christmas, but all year.

The big word during the holiday should not be sale, but love.

I am grateful and happy to say I love Jesus. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Jackie Turner

Only Jesus created me and made me, to bring me where I am today. Only Jesus can heal me when I am sick. Only Jesus can heal the broken hearted. Only Jesus can open doors and opportunities when I don’t see any my way. Only Jesus can make the impossible to be possible. Only Jesus can make me whole and complete again. Where would I be without Jesus? Jesus is the butter to my bread and the sugar to my tea. Jesus is my all in all. I look to him and only him because I know he will hear my cry and answer my problems. Only Jesus is for me and he is only for you too! Jesus is the only one that helps me in my times in need. He knows when I need him because he is God and he knows everything. He is Jesus, the only Jesus there is. He orders my steps and walks with me no matter what the situation is, in my life and in yours. No matter what happens to you or me, he is always with us. Never forget that. God Bless you all and thank you!

Evelyn Nnam