Sybil Taylor with her father, family, and friends
Sybil Taylor (bottom left) and her father (bottom, second from the left) with family and friends. Collage by Sybil Taylor

Happy heavenly birthday and Fourth of July! We’ll visit you at the cemetery on July 22 when you were born. What great joy! We’re still sorry you left us on February 20, 2015 before you made it to your 77th birthday.

The family still celebrates every year for you, Dad, with great honor, love, and joy from us to you. We hope you are enjoying yourself with our other loved ones and your angel friends in Heaven. I imagine the biggest bow ribbons in lovely gold and silver, sparkling balloons, gift boxes of all colors, and the biggest cake with ice cream like you loved.

Photos of Sybil Taylor, family, friends, and a U.S. Army teddy bear received by her father

Sybil Taylor (top-center), her family, and a U.S. Army teddy bear received from her father. Collage by Sybil Taylor

I can still see your smile. You were the best dad. I miss the many little things that made up that man you were: how you worked in the garden and always cooked everything homemade and tasty. Your bread and butter pickles were my favorite. I miss how you would drift off and fall asleep in your favorite recliner.

And I love that mom was always there for you when you were sick, making sure you had a healthy diet, kept your sugar up, and took the meds for your diabetes. If you passed out, she was always there. She took care of you the same way you took care of us when she got sick, with special love.

Dad, you are treasured and honored above for your strong love and care. One day, we all will be reunited again and have much to share.