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Dearest reader,

These are horrible trying days for all of us. However, because we are still here, life must continue. My faith teaches me this scripture: “The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds.” (Philippians 4:7) Therefore, I want to share a little laughter to your (our) souls.

“Where is Mr. Whipple and Charmaine now.” Not to squeeze. I need it to wipe, duh!!!
If it’s a stay-at-home order, what should the Son of Man do? The holy scriptures tell us the Son of Man has no place to lay his head. He’s homeless, duh!!! Now what?
My friend made me face masks to wear, one donut print and one juice bottle print. Hell, should I wear them or eat them? The grocery store has neither!
Jesus performed the miracle of turning water into wine. Well, guess what — this happened to me! I used so so much alcohol-based hand sanitizer that when I went to wash them, a miracle was rendered. The faucet water turned into Mad Dog 2020. I did it a second time and, again, a miracle: the faucet water turned into chardonnay! I’m very happy now!!!

I’m going to tell the truth now: I hate food, I hate sleep, I hate COVID-19.

Stay well. We’ll get through this.