Pedro Ferriera/Flickr

A day where everybody can be who they want?
All favorite style costumes,
all favorite style make-up,
all favorite style masks and wigs.
this is a fun day full of tricks and treats.
Goblins howling all through the night,
wolves howling through Halloween night,
witches flying across the full moon on their broom sticks,
ghosts rising from the grave,
bats flying across the night,
black cat crossing our pathway,
scarecrows sit tight in the field with pumpkins around them,
as well as birds and crows.
Halloween is a day of trick or treaters, knocking at every door for Halloween treats, with lots of candy and goodies to go around. There will be parties with apple treats, candy apples, cookies, sodas, pumpkin pie, and all sorts of candy.
Don’t get caught alone walking on Halloween night, you may encounter a Halloween surprise you’ll never forget!