A photo showing a walking sign.
Photo courtesy of pixabay

I was in the halfway houses about 6 times and every time I got to one of them, I tried to be as prepared with what I might need, rather than ask the staff for help. I used a service for returning citizens to get my ID and birth certificate voucher so I can seek employment and other things I needed.   

People say that the halfway houses do not have enough resources. But I think it’s because they don’t want to put the basic work into getting things people might need. However, when you do go into a shelter, don’t expect someone to hand you something you feel you need. Instead try to bring with you items you may need and then take advantage of what the shelter can do for you.  

When I got to the halfway house, I was very motivated to do what I needed to do. And my job counselor got me a job out in Maryland as a food prep guy. So, if you used the halfway houses like you are supposed to you will get the help you need.  

The halfway house is only supposed to house you and the only thing they have there is a kitchen. You can go out on a pass every day, to use all of D.C. resources. You must be a go-getter and not just lay around and think somebody is going to hand you something, that’s not what the halfway house is about.   

Some monitors are OK. They will give you help if you ask and they have what you need. They also have very valuable information on a bulletin board in the main office.