Photo by Jane Cave

I’m currently working at, with and through Street Sense media center. The paper started out as my means to an end in trying to survive. But before long it turned into an outlet for my poems. It then grew into a way for me to tell my story and express myself more clearly — to make a difference, a change, in this rotten society!

I can amplify my voice on the topics that matter to and affect me. The workshops provide self-betterment for all involved. The filmmaking project gave depth to my work of poetry. Now you have a visual to go along with my voice and writing. It also gave me a new career path!

I’ve always been fond of photography, which is yet another workshop here at Street Sense. It’ll serve as a sharpener for the skills I acquired at the University of the District of Columbia. Another workshop, Digital Hope, will help me fine-tune my blogging skills and add dimension to my posts. It’s already helping me expand and elaborate my writing!

Then there’s the FACE advocacy group which is starting to focus in on business concepts, and I am loving it. We brought in David Serota from the illustration workshop as an advisor. Now we’re getting a bit more polished & professional with it. Speaking of David Serota and the illustration workshop: through his assistance I’ve been able to tap back into the buried drawing skills skills which I used to enjoy so many years ago. I haven’t drawn since high school, so it felt good to see that those skills were much like riding a bike – you never forget!