Marcus Green

I’ve been looking and praying for a better life, and there she was.
Bonnie’s mission is perfection for her feline and canine clients. She wants them to enjoy and appreciate every bit of their grooming process.
Ms. Bonnie’s wealth of knowledge about breeds and their likes and dislikes is always captivating. I’ve been grooming humans for decades. But everything changes when your client will bite you if they don’t like what you’re doing.
She makes sure her employees know their stuff, too. I had to study a 300-page book, draw a dog, and answer 20 questions to get this job! I also watch the other groomers, who are always willing to help when they can. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself because the blessin’ in the lesson keeps me totally engaged.
Thanks to Ms. Bonnie- and special thanks to Mika- for giving me a chance at a new life. I am humbled by God to be working for you. God bless!