The thoughts of so many lives
Those lonely souls who die
They call them homeless,
How men lie.
When I heard the number of people
Who die without a place to call home,
I thought I would cry.
How sad that we can’t make America
Great again.
If we would just save one life,
There will be a better life
In every child’s eyes.
The truth is
They all had a Universal Right
To housing.
The important man in the community
Said housing is not a human right
But a commodity.
I thought a commodity
Should be universally affordable
To all in need.
Are we our sister’s and
Brother’s keepers?
Of course, we are.
And what does that mean?
Should we take care of people
We see out on our streets?
54 lives this year gone
Before their sunrise.
Only my Lord knows
The date and time.
It’s a sad thing
I almost cry.
Then I thought
There is no time for tears.
But to speak loud and clear,
To love your mothers,
They bore you, loved you.
Love Your fathers
They worked for you.
Love your sisters
Because they are good to you.
Love your brothers, your brothers,
Marvin Gay would sing
If he were her today.
Love your homeless neighbor,
They could be you.
I don’t want to believe it is true,
So, I pray my sisters and
Brothers are now free to go home.