Photo of a several overlapping roads with signs that read "goals" and arrows pointing forward.

In 2018, I felt my life wasn’t going anywhere. First things first, I prayed to God, then made my list. Then I proceeded to make my appointments.

Doctors, house, Social Security number, VA benefits and paper sales. I am also still job-searching. But most of all is my relationship with my girls. They are not in my future goals because I want first to find housing, increase my income and savings, and raise my credit score.

Let’s face it: No one wants to be a loser. In my life experience, I have noticed that people have different value systems. Material things are usually beautiful things, but there is not everything. As I measure my growth or my progress through life, I find that God and family are priceless.

Further, as I measure my growth or my progress through life, not comparing it with anyone else’s, I’m just doing my best each and every day, keeping my head up to the sky, Earth, Wind and Fire.

Thank all of you for your support. And thank God.