Chon Gotti

Let us give a hand to all nine of my amazing college students from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. WOOOO-HOOOO!  


This was my first event mentoring and facilitating an outreach group for the National Coalition for the Homeless. Another speaker, Karen, and I led these students to provide food and water while they got to know our brothers and sisters on the street. Helping to open these students’ eyes and giving back to my city of Washington, D.C. was beautiful. Thank you for your help, future leaders: Sonia, Alex, Fridah, Vivian, Zoeb, Kaitlyn, Bela, Brittany, Francesca. You guys were amazing!  


Street Sense Media family, I was just selected into the NCH Speakers Bureau as a professional speaker. I came from being homeless myself over eight years ago. Now I’m proud to say I have multiple streams of income.