The dome of the U.S. Capitol against a blue sky
The U.S. Capitol hosts the offices of many of the lawmakers who are currently considering another stimulus package. Photo courtesy of Louis Velazquez / Unsplash.

How cold can a cold heart be? Is it that complicated? What makes a heart go into auto flight, fright, and freeze — all at the same time?

This is an attempt to write it out with bias for an understanding, that seems not to exist.

Stymied by an arrogance not seen since olden times of yore, built upon the mortar of mindless loyalty to an absolute power, that would ignore and abrade the existence of the rarest, most precious exotic species. Is this mess really happening in the United States of America?

This is a paradox: The American people are 330 million human beings. They are the employers of the heartless ones elected, sworn in and duly seated. Our proxies, our trust, blocked by inane political party bacchanalia. The Opera Carmina Burana could not be this horrible. 

Perhaps we should see them as actors on a stage. Humanity cannot have let itself go this far off the path, with the intent of the Constitution eroding into a staged play of bad script-writing. But these actors’ money, benefits, offices, and life survival comes from the people’s coffers, the U.S. Treasury.

The Senate’s one-sided Stag Party (no disrespect to the female senators) needs to pass a bill to feed the body, mind, spirit, hearts and life-blood of millions of people.

 The executive must sign the bills and order the distribution to all people regardless of any restrictive criteria, in order to save the union.

A system currently based on supply and demand trade, also known as a capitalist democracy, dependent on 30 pieces of politically manipulated silver to pay mortgages, rent, health care, childcare, elder care, city, state, federal income tax, banking, credit card and other mandatory fees.

The Federal Reserve under Michael Powell has done its part and will hopefully not force rate increases every six weeks in the name of the 2 percent inflation theory. Hopefully, former Fed chairs Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen can be the cheerleaders, advocates for reality and economic compassion for human beings.

On top of everything else, the drive to win in November has tabled the business of the welfare of the nation. This includes the ever-important visual of the kitchen sink: the death of close to 200,000 Americans nationwide, from nursing homes to jails, to states and communities in non-compliance with transmission practices, to nurses, doctors, firefighters, health and sanitation personnel, grocery store cashiers, truckers, teachers, students facing the opening of schools, universities, restaurants, pharmacies, and U.S. Postal Service employees, not to mention the crisis of systemic racism and the need for jail and prison reform.

There are many more plates to add to the sink.

I stand with feet on the ground and the slogan: “Kentucky Mitch, give us our money.” He actually needs money circulation more than any player in America. If no money circulates, his poker game will go bust. He needs to decide to save his piggy bank and or save the people. The sabbatical of inertia must come to an end, if we are to survive.

On September 20th, 2020, take a minute to remember the 200,00 people, who have died as a result of COVID-19. 

And remember to care, be human, and speak within, outside and through the oppression of political silence.

Vote in November 2020.

Angie Whitehurst is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.