Photo of a bench with the word "compassion" etched into the side
Photo by Dave Lowe on Unsplash

There are so many things going wrong nowadays in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic everywhere, people dying, racism, children raising themselves. All kinds of drug abuse, and a lot of haters.

I implore and beg people to understand that we are all humans and are valuable in the same ways.

Hurt people sometimes hurt others unknowingly. This don’t meant that you have to divide us into our own people and sections.

There is no division in God’s eyes. All people are the same way. We get hurt, feel pain, live, and die.

I’m not saying that people haven’t shown compassion in this time of trouble on Earth. In fact, they have joined and helped one another.

I am saying material things don’t equal to life. We as a whole could do more than feed and shelter. We can save lives!

Look outside today. Take time to think, if it was me, what would I want, or what could help me?

Millions of people have died in the past few years because of COVID and its effects.

People remember when Ebola hit the world. Africa was devastated. In some countries the people were banned and not allowed to leave, sick or not. These people were sentenced to death. How sad is that?

Now I pray for the love of life that the same sentence don’t happen to the people of India that have no medicine and no hope. Can we help somehow? Don’t let them die away because of money or hate.

Try to be human. Love and care, not just food and shelter.