A shiny gold coin with the letter B on it sits on a black background.
Image courtesy of Flickr

I am building a business based on a new payment system for the world. It all started a couple of years ago when I first heard of Bitcoin. There was something about it that I liked; I just could not pinpoint what it was. I also wasn’t sure how to get involved. Then I remembered that a few years earlier, one of my friends had told me about Karatbars International, a German gold-holding and selling company.

I was pretty skeptical; I looked at it as a get rich quick scheme or something like that. But after listening and having a conversation, I understood Karatbars’ goals and became interested. It seemed almost too easy so I left it as an option, as I did with Street Sense Media when I first found out about it, a choice that has proved extremely valuable in my life.

Over time I went back to Karatbars to learn more and find a way to fit it into my life so I can benefit from it and change things for the better. After a conversation with one of my contacts there, we decided it would be amazing if Karatbars International had its own cryptocurrency. Then, presto! Two or three months thereafter, Karatbar International introduced to the world the Karatgold coin, which can be exchanged with other cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin and Etherum.Since the coin was introduced, the company has implemented several related products and services. One of our physical assets, “CashGold,” can be exchanged for different fiat currencies — those backed by the governments that issued them. Instead of using the American dollar, which fluctuates because of inflation, we can use CashGold because it will always have value. We also have a cash exchange machine. The company’s ecosystem is set up to benefit users through its private network called the Blockchain.

As part of becoming an entrepreneur, I have created my own course to train others about Karatbar International. I also designed my website and I promote the services and products by marketing online and by going to stores and talking to people in public. My main goal is to train others and spread the word about Karatbars International and cryptocurrency.
In all this excitement, though, I never lose sight of my main goals: fighting my homelessness and not letting my seizure disorder impede my growth.

Marcellus Phillips is an artist and vendor for Street Sense.