The story so far: Gayle, a lawyer at Los Angeles Legal Aid, has traveled to Boston to attend a 5-day American Bar Association conference on consumer and juvenile delinquency law.

People had started arriving, although the conference did not start until the next day, Tuesday. The place was crowded and the people were cluttering on the first floor near the stairs that led to the main level where registration was occurring.
The hotel was somewhat old, about forty years. It looked new though, maybe because it had been built in a modern design.
Gayle was excited and optimistic about being there. She believed that the tools she gained would help her clients and she might forge some professional relationships and perhaps friendships with some of the new colleagues. She knew she would have to take good notes, because she was expected to go over the material with her co-workers in a presentation after she returned.
After registering, Gayle went to her room, accompanied by the bellhop who helped her with her suitcases. She freshened up and then went back downstairs. She was hungry and had to decide if she’d explore eating establishments in the neighborhood or grab something in the hotel restaurant.
She walked over to the concierge stand and said “Do you have any places nearby that you could recommend for dinner?”
“Sure. There are places on both sides of the street going down to the newsstand area in Cambridge. Are you familiar with that area?”
“No, not really. This is my first time in Cambridge, although I have previously been in Boston.”
He showed Gayle the direction that he was talking about and she left to go eat something.
Down near the newsstand area, she saw a place with a group of people who looked like they could have been with the conference. She decided to go in and join the rather short line of people at the door to wait to be seated.

The End