A picture of Los angeles

Last time: Gayle Tyler is a young lawyer who recently the Office of Legal Aid in LA. She successfully defended a 14-year old boy. But then, he barged into her office, left a gun with her and said that it had been used to kill cops. Gayle was scared, never having been in a situation like this before. She and some friends have gone for a nighttime cruise on the Queen Mary.

Gayle had on long, black gloves and carried an evening bag that had a long, black silk scarf

The ship was plush. Lots of velvet and round couches. There were picture frame moldings with
pictures from when the ship was a seagoing vessel. The carpeting was thick and there were chair
rail moldings throughout the ship.

The women were seated. Gayle then excused herself to the ladies room. Leaving the restroom, she went out on the deck to get some air. A man dressed like a navy officer directed Gayle to the deck.

Gayle scouted the area and found a relatively dim, secluded spot. If she handled things just right, people on either side of her wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

She stood near the railing. Gayle put a gloved hand out over the water to feel the breeze. She
looked in her handbag and softly said, “Where’s my lighter?” She reached in her bag, felt the black
silk and gathered the gun’s magazine with it. She moved one of her gloved hands over the water and
let the scarf play in the breeze as she lowered the magazine into the dark waters. Then, gathering
her scarf, she continued to let it play in the breeze.

Gayle put the scarf in her handbag and pretended to look for her lighter as she gathered the gun
into the scarf. She had rehearsed this scene a thousand times in her mind.

Slowly, she did the same to dispose of the gun, then tied the scarf around her neck.

Relieved, she smoked a cigarette, putting it out on the deck floor as she walked inside. She returned laughing, hoping that there might be some good guys to meet and good burgundy to drink. She vowed from that point on she would be more distant and professional with her clients but would
bond with her co-workers more.