Last Time: Gayle is a new lawyer working at the office of Legal Aid in Los Angeles and living at the Loma Y. A recent client, a 14-year-old boy named Sam, barged into her office with a gun he said was used to kill a cop. He left the gun with Gayle…
Nothing in Gayle Tyler’s life had prepared her for the problem she was facing. Thankfully, Sam had taken the magazine out of the gun. Gayle didn’t have a clue how to do that, and the weapon would have been very dangerous to handle if it had been loaded.
She had made several good friends at the Y, and the fact that Margaret, Kathy, and Peggy were game to go see the Queen Mary gave her a certain amount of relief from her dilemma.
In the meantime, she had wrapped the weapon and magazine separately in Kleenex and packed them underneath belongings in her suitcases in the back of her closet. She had thrown away the bag she received the weapon in.
Margaret said to her, “When do we all have time available to go to the Queen Mary?”
“It will be fun, just like when we took the tour of those movie stars’ houses,” Peggy added.
Kathy laughed and said, “Weekend after next is good for me!”
Everyone was free for that date and the time was set for 6 p.m. for wine, salad, and hopefully some music. Gayle volunteered to get directions and the prices for the food and wine. Kathy said, “We’ll really dress-up and maybe meet some eligible bachelors!” That increased the interest in going even more, since all the women were presently socially available.
At the set time, the women gathered in the lobby. Margaret made them and the taxi wait about five minutes. Gayle had found out that taxis are always around the ship when the cruise is over, and it would not be hard for them to get back home.
They split the cost of the cab and then walked gleefully up the gangplank. A man greeted them dressed Navy whites.