Kenya Allmond/Flickr

Whenever I’m in a poverty mode, I listen to the song “We Fall Down” by Donnie McClurkin to make me strong.

“We fall down but we get up / For a saint is just a sinner who fell down / But we couldn’t stay there and got up.”

I’m never one to blame circumstances for failure. I am not a fan of preference or diversity. I don’t want to get ahead because I am different; I want to succeed because I am qualified.

I believe if a club or business doesn’t want you, you should find like-minded people and form your own. If they won’t allow you in the Boy Scouts, form a gay scouts. If a club does not admit women, form a coalition and make a better, more diverse organization.

I never kiss ass, I kick ass.

There is a Chinese proverb that says 1,000 shrimp can bring down a dragon. If capitalism is the dragon, you need organizations and communities to defeat it. One person is an island, 100 is a community and a 1,000 people is a movement.

Hating on the rich is wasted energy. The oligarchs and Wall Street are always going to find loopholes and ways to advance themselves, so instead of doing battle with them, learn how to play the game. Buy newspapers and educate yourself on finance, pick up the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal or a copy of Black Enterprise.

I don’t know anyone that made a fortune on government assistance. The riches come from  grants, loans and tax incentives. Do what the oil lobbies do and form a poor people’s lobby. Have fundraisers, influence policies and find candidates who serve your interest, or you will be poor and dependent on the government.

Poverty is complex, and many want what’s best. However I feel their strategy is flawed. This is the main reason the poor stay poor. They go to the same politicians who come from Wall Street and big business hoping they will show mercy and create programs for the unfortunate.