Flickr//U.S. Department of Agriculture
Flickr//U.S. Department of Agriculture

Wrangle and tangle with spirits, highs and lows,
People in need, they come and they go.
For those in service, it’s a day to love lost souls
And to pray for those people less fortunate.
The tables are set with food piled high
With thanksgiving to the Lord who fulfills
Man’s every need.
Let there be the lighting of the children’s Christmas trees.
Here’s some food for thought to remember, please
As the new year came in with so many in need.
The way to righteousness is that every act is for the Lord, you see

It is not that you turn your face towards the east or the west, but righteousness is the quality of the one who believes in the Lord, the last day of the angels, the words in the book, and the prophets. It is the one who gives his wealth in spite of his love for it to, his kin folk, to the orphans, and the poor, the homeless and to the wayfarer and to those who ask, and help set a refugee free.

These are the sincere, the pious, may peace be to their fellow man that be thankful and believe in giving out of what the Lord provides to thee.

Not just when the bells of the season ring, the ways of the Lord commercialized for a few dollars, please. Open your eyes and see, people are people 365 days a year, would you believe?

If you give thanks, give every day you breathe, the angels in heaven will sing of thee. The best part of all, the Lord will remember me, praying for the better day and happy holidays for all in need.