Photo courtesy of Mike Maguire / Flickr

My beginning experience selling Street Sense, back in 2008, was an eye-opener. So much was needed to get the news in the hands of the people of Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. I must say, the power and joy in doing so was very uplifting. 

Having to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic now is a huge contrast. There are so many new ways we have to do things to stay safe. D.C.’s response has been up to par and I have had the opportunity to get my first shot. I’m waiting now to get the last showt when it becomes available for the people staying outside.

It’s something I’ll never forget: the challenge of looking at a ghosttown day-to-day. Sometimes it feels like a Hitchcock movie. Other times, it’s like walking around the stage of an up-and-coming show about hard times. 

I feel as if I just want to sit down and write a play about these days we are facing. For now, we must wait to see what becomes of it all and keep the hope for better days to come. 

Now that Street Sense is going weekly, I hope to see more sales.