Naveen Kadam / Wikipedia

Friendship is such a waste

When you look at it for what it is.

Do I need someone else to lie to me

Resent me, use me?

Do I really want to see my failings

In another person?

Or worse still, not see them?

See the truth!

Marriage, two-and-a-half kids,

Happy most of the time rarely happens.

Do I really need to know

That she wants my man or he wants her?

Why can’t I retreat into my dreams of life?

From TV, CDs, novels, the movies?

Do I need that window to remind me

That the true meaning of life could be service?

Or, do I need that mirror to remind me?

Great friendships rarely exist.

But, friendship exists for some reason.

And can sometimes be more than a family

Which simply occurs from birth.