Photo of two hands holding up cutout people all holding hands.
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Rochelle Walker

One, two, three I got all my friends with me.
Some go, some stay, some said anyway, I am still your friend.
Friends shall love like a brother,
but still, some act like users.
Do I have too many friends?
Friends shall encourage you
Friends shall accept you the way you are,
not the way they want you to be.
And because of that I believe a friend is there,
alive or dead, through thick and thin.
Life or death.

Marcus McCall

Hello, reader! Today I’m talking about friends, although since childhood I could never understand the meaning of “friends.” Since the age of eight, I’ve felt strange about having someone around me who I know nothing about — not even their favorite color. My mother told me, no one loves you like mom or your family. Your friends will come and go. Some will even betray your friendship, because God has a different path for you to walk. Your friends will join you for parts of that path, but they can’t stay forever.

I grew up trusting nothing because of the streets and the foster care system that put me in a position to see things from my point of view. That is part of the reason I don’t have friends, just associates who talk about life and how we can benefit off each other. A friend is someone who does not pass judgment, who helps when they can, and can offer great advice on whatever the situation is. It is also someone who can lend a helping hand when needed, is a compassionate soul and a genuine person. Sorry, I have not met one, but I know they exist. 

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Jemel Fleming

Friends are people we can depend on. Friends are also people you can make amends. 

Sometimes your friends come from a partner you are affiliated with, a group, or an association. These can be friendships that have been particularly trying due to the professionalism involved. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a close friendships because you are joined by a goal you pursue with those people. You are affiliated with them because you know there is trust there and any negativity isn’t there. 

For any type of friendship, there should be no fault or dispute that can’t be settled by respect.

Anthony Carney

A friend is someone
every person needs
A friend to talk to
And walk with down
The road of life
There all kinds
Of friendship
So remember
A friend gives encouragement.
Spread love.

Daniel Ball

Friends – my best friend is Sybil Taylor,
Why? Because we been good friends for nine years.
My best friend is Thomas, we been friends for two years here at Street Sense.
Now my other best friend is Queenie here at Street Sense.
Why? Because she cares about everybody who works at Street Sense, and that is not a lie.
Now, do you know who is your best friend in the world today?
Is it Daniel Ball? Yes or no?