Photo of a daisy with a heart sitting next to it
Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Some say friends are good. Some say friends are bad. I say some are like family, and I only have a few friends on whom  I can depend.  I may have five good friends all together. My best friend is my wife. We are always together. She will buy me things I need, like shoes and food. She will make sure I take care of all my needs. My best friend makes my life worth living. We will play sports. We will go out to eat. Maybe go to the movies. And sometimes we will go to church. 

Some friends are no good for you because they have bad things on their minds. They will get you in a lot of trouble, if you’re not thinking about what’s good for you. A lot of them passed years ago. So my new friends? I don’t trust them. So I believe in being my own friend. I do, for me, what my friends don’t do. So most of the time now, I be by myself. If you let some of them close to you they will try to hurt you. Like back in the day,  I would let them in my house and they would try to take things from me. Now I have my own apartment. I will tell Ms. Smoot, when I’m not there, don’t let anyone in my house. So, understand what I am saying: my good friends, maybe my family, I can trust.