As Betsy Ross sews up the flag for the fourth of July Independence Day of 1776, our celebration of that day has been around for several centuries. The fourth of July is a day of celebration. Kids and families watch the fireworks on the mall or light them themselves in backyards all over the country.

Seeing how children’s faces, one by one, glow when they see such a joy of pretty fireworks. The fourth of July also means you can go to other places and watch fireworks. The fourth of July, is one of those days we like to observe with family and friends, cooking outdoors –  hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, grilled corn, and chicken, with cold sodas, water and sitting at the picnic table, enjoying barbecue foods.

We wait for the big event to arrive, around 8:45pm; the lighting of the fireworks on the mall begins. What a joy to see such lovely fireworks. So don’t forget to wear you red, white and blue.

Happy Fourth of July.