Sybil Taylor

On Feb. 20, 2015, my father passed away peacefully in the morning. My two sisters and mom had fixed him breakfast before he took his last breath.  

He was the best husband to my mom, the best father, the best grandpa. He always worked hard to earn his money and he never backed down from helping anybody. Even as a child, he helped support his family by working as a newsboy for The Washington Daily News. He loved real estate, gardening, sports, and cooking. He was so good at all things. 

We all miss you, Dad. One day, we will see you again. All loving memories.  

The pain he suffered was so upsetting and hard to go through. He prayed and said to God that he was ready to come home. He was tired of the cancer pain, day and night. Nobody knew how badly he felt except for God, who heard his cries for help every day.  

Dad had something to look forward to: He was going home, forever. No pain ever again. He looked very good at the funeral, and I believe he was guided by all the angels on the way to Heaven. He has been resting in peace ever since. 

He will remain special to us, always. We visit his gravesite every year on that day he finally left us, and on his birthday, July 22.   

We all love you and cherish you and miss you, Dad. Glad you got your wings!  

Collage by Sybil Taylor