A photograph of women playing basketball, in which two are jumping for the ball.
U.S. Air Force

Last month, after I had an incident with a would-be assailant, I was contacted by BallerTV, a YouTube entity, to complete a gig at the National Harbor Gaylord Hotel. They knew my work because I covered the Men’s Invitational Tournament for them in June, a seventh and eighth grade young men’s basketball event held in District Heights, MD.  

 I immediately hopped on the opportunity to work with BallerTV again and collect my chips all at once, guaranteed. A freelance gig is not as spotty or iffy as Street Sense Media vending. You never know how many papers you’ll sell or how many tips you might get.   

 That being said, being able to do this videography work stems from my time spent with the Street Sense Media Filmmakers Co-op. We created our own films and went through certification courses with DCTV.   

This second assignment was to cover the U.S. Junior Nationals girls basketball event and was my first time at the Gaylord hotel. It was quite the thrill to see all the up and coming ballers from around the country!   

 I’d like to do more of that work. It was kind of hectic trying to multi-task and keep up with the action, the scoring, the highlights and everything else. There were carts everywhere! Despite my fatigue from my restless homelessness, I was still able to endure on pure adrenaline.   

 I love this game and being smack-dab in the middle of all the action was heaven.