I would like to go on a journey

Down the root of a tree that is me.

Going on a long, long walk in time, down the paths

Where my forefathers walked and talked

About the blessing of God that be.

The Lord willing, in my lifetime I will learn the meaning of some

Of the words my ancestors spoke

On my journey to better

Understand me.

Oh, if I could partake in the feast of foods

For thoughts that my great-great grandmothers

spoke and cooked

I’m sure I would love and appreciate more the hands of older kin

That I shook.

I would like to see in my daughter

How my fine grand aunties looked

And the ways of the Lord their lives took.

Just to go way, way down the rivers

Where my cousin of long ago played by the big tree

And to lay back and imagine how it used to be.

Yes, I would like to trace my roots and hope to find

The praise of the Lord shining in my family’s time.

This is the journey I would like to find the time to go on someday.

Down the root of a tree that is me.

A journey for the soul

A journey for the sight

A journey to remember my life.