These February days are special to me because my goddaughter’s birthday, my birthday and Valentine’s Day are all celebrated. I, being who I am, always seem to find myself alone on these days. I might have dinner or something with my family later, when I get a chance. But of late, there has been no one special to say “I love you” when I do. 


From a distance and that’s what I love, too,  

it’s all about you and that’s all right, too,  

because I have known love, it’s true, 

so you say your goodbyes, keep it moving and love them all. 


You hope we get better with the things we go through, 

we remember the good days 

and put a thought of love out in the airways,  

when we think about you. 


If goodbye is something we didn’t get to do,  

there’s always tomorrow, for those it comes to, 

Did I say, I miss you, too? I find myself thinking about you,  

and then I smile with a thought so true, that I love you, too. 


I don’t know what to do, but I always get through, these February days 


Words of thanks and praise for those Black leaders who passed away,  

the history of a great people could never be told in one day,  

if the year takes a leap we will have another day,  

to see the waters and to dish out our dream of love. 


Hearts of love and Happy Valentines Day.