A photo of Ron Dudley holding his son.
Ron Dudley

I dedicate this song
To all the father’s that’s in jail
That pay they child support
Baby momma go to hell

Cause I’m just tryin’ to see my son
Learn to walk. learn to run
Learn to talk, learn to smile
You look like your daddy now

I need you to understand
Things don’t always go as planned
Things ain’t always what they seem
How could an angel be so mean?

Don’t be fooled by what you see
Cause even a blind man can look at me
And see I try my very best
My God I am truly blessed

But no one knows how hard it is
Tryin’ to be a dad in a fatherless
World where the women want to suck you dry
Help me live, don’t help me die

I got places I need to be
People and places I need to see
I just need my kids to know
Daddy’ll always love ’em so

And even when I’m not around
I’m gonna always hold you down
I’m just one phone call away
You can call me every day

I love my kids more than life
Got ’em baptized in the name of Christ
Got ’em baptized in the name of Jesus
Gave my kids the Bible, told ’em to read it!

I dedicate this verse to all the deadbeat moms
Baby momma drama — love’s supposed to be strong
My momma told me after marriage then come the kids
My baby momma actin’ like a triflin’ b****

But I can never hate her
She the mother of my seed
I used to love this lady
And she used to love me!

What happened to that wish?
We started with a kiss
Then we started fightin’
And ended with a fist!

Momma told me never put my hands on a woman
But momma, she on drugs and neglectin’ the children
And momma, if she lies, she steals, she cheats
Goin’ in my pocket at night while I’m asleep

Ain’t no good ending if you women keep sinnin’
The devil got her soul and they tryin’ to take me with them
But I ain’t goin’ nowhere, cause I am a man
Through the good and the bad times, I still understand!

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