Himali W

To a special father and grandfather:

I am missing you this Father’s Day. It is not the same without you, Dad. It is very empty for all of us. You are greatly missed by family and friends. You are missed every day. Your spirit will always be around us, and you will live forever.

Dad — Sean, Darlene, Mom, Dorian, Tracey, Bridget, and I cry each day with sadness, especially Mom. She and Bridget would love to see you again. They miss you not being home with them, doing your everyday routine: going to the store, walking, doing the garden, reading your Washington Post newspaper, watching TV and movies, doing tax papers, going downtown, spending time with your granddaughter Darlene.

I remember when you and Mom would keep Darlene for the weekends. You would be cooking and enjoying a fish dinner, having a cold drink and watching all your sports games and the news. I knew our last view of you two years ago was the end. But we see you in our dreams and you look good, happy and healthy. The Lord gave you a new body and health. You are not suffering anymore, and your smiling face cries tears of joy. I know you must rejoice being cancer-free.

You and the heavenly Father as well as other fathers are all celebrating Father’s Day in Heaven, looking down on us. You are special, loved and honored.

This Father’s Day, we will visit your grave and lay flowers and spend time enjoying you as we cry. We’ll have balloons and gifts and cake and ice cream to celebrate you. We love you always, Dad.

As you are in spirit, enjoy your special day, take our smiles along with you, on your way.