Recently, I got a message from a family member about something that happened a couple of years ago. Just the thought of the situation makes me sick to my stomach. The world we live in is full of lies and happiness. It’s your choice which to live by. So, choose from either one.

I have a small family in the D.C. area and more in other states, including Georgia. My brother suggested I move to Atlanta to start over and begin a better life, and to also build a relationship with his kids and other family.

My girlfriend and I trusted his word and made the move within two months to Georgia. I took my tax return money to pay for everything, and the $2,500 left was to go toward our house that we were supposed to move into immediately. We caught a plane to Atlanta and arrived at the airport expecting my brother to be there, but he was not. We waited for hours as he told us he was on the way. I ended up having to book a hotel and catch a shuttle instead.

Now, I had never met his wife or kids, so I was extremely excited about everything. After getting the hotel room, I finally got in touch with him. It turned out the house wasn’t ready, which I found out he knew before we had left D.C. Somehow, he forgot to tell us. He brought the family with him so I could meet everyone, but upon arrival told me they had no place to live.

After finding this out, I immediately got another room so everyone would be safe and have a place to stay until the house was ready. Even though things were not looking good on my first day there, I was still excited to be with my family. My brother told me it would be at least a week before the house was ready to move in. No one had any money but ME. I have no kids, but I took care of everyone in all ways possible during my time there. I wasn’t expecting things to go the way they did and I eventually had to remove myself from the situation. It has been a long road.