Fall brings crisp, cool weather. Fall brings a change in season; cooler days, more sunshine, and cool breezes of air.
Now that summer is over, we fall into fall weather. It is time to put away all our summer clothes and bring out our fall clothes. Summer fun is over: swimming, keeping cool with air conditioners and fans, going to amusement parks and camps. We all enjoyed the long, hot summer. Now we can also enjoy the new nice weather with the change in temperatures going lower and lower. Baseball season is almost over and now we’re into football season, enjoying going to the games and cheering for our teams. We enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs, peanuts, candy, popcorn, sodas, and beer on a nice fall day. Fall brings change of color leaves, falling from the trees, turning colors of orange, brown, and purple. More squirrels, looking for nuts. More animals taking walks, more people taking walks, enjoying the smell of fall and enjoying sitting in the park. Time to put our jackets and sweaters back on, and fall pants and skirts. Fall brings a lot of common things to do. Fall is a beautiful season. Enjoy the fall and the great fall breeze we receive each day.
Happy fall! Enjoy!