Image courtesy of Couleur / Pixabay

Summer is over:
BBQs, camps, fishing, tanning, and gardening;
Enjoying the pools or the beaches;
The birds chirping, squirrels climbing, bees buzzing;
Cricket’s singing a lovely evening song;
Lighting bugs that light up all colors of the night;
Flies, worms, ants, and butterflies;
All are part of summer.

Many sights and much fun:
Going to the zoo and seeing the animals;
Popcorn, ice cream, snow cones, cotton candy;
Hamburgers, hot pretzels, and nacho cheese chips;
Local amusement parks with all their rides;
Many museums or the Botanical Garden,
with its lovely plants full of love and smiles;
The cool breeze from the air conditioning or the fan;
Cooling out with a slice of melon, grapes, or strawberries.
But the heat is passing.

Fall is beautiful:
With pumpkin spice in coffee or tea;
Pastries of all sorts, warms drinks and hot soups;
The trees losing their green,
Turning browns and oranges;
Time for the jackets, sweaters, and long sleeves;
Hats and closed-in shoes, too—
no longer sandals;

So long summer and hello Fall:
The birds will still chirp;
The squirrels will start looking for nuts on the trail;
The weather is changing, with cool breezes ahead;
The clocks will go back,
And the night will arrive faster.