Dottie Kramer

A day to celebrate

A time to congratulate.

The people who believe more fairness

In housing is needed.

Housing is a human right.

We truly believe

People shouldn’t have to live on the streets.

For years, every day we shed new tears

For those who died because of the lie

That there is no housing fairness.

For seven years we have been doing what we do:

Fighting for the right housing

For the mother and child.

The old person who should know the price

Of housing and a home and a home

Will not leave them alone

To die in a shelter bed

It’s not right.

The mentally ill, the sick and the poor

People for fairness, say no more. No more.

Leaving our elderly on the streets

And in shelters to die.

No more young families

Asking why no housing me us.

I was born in D.C.

We were no more people.

Living year-in and year-out without a house

No more stadiums b3eing built

While the people’s spirits

Are being killed

Housing in my home town,

Only housing for the rich

People for Fairness

Will keep advocating

Fairness is Rising.