a photo of customer and cashier
Alan Cleaver/Flickr

My customer—I’ll call him D—pops up almost always at the right time to offer me a cigarette after I have had a fantastic night.

Keep in mind I don’t smoke. But at those particular times I always end up accepting a Camel from him anyway.

The last time D came by, I had a conversation with him for about an hour, and he gave me half of the pack. We talked about girls, and it lifted my spirits.

My customers are very intelligent and nice to me. I appreciate every little and big thing they do and say. This is what has brought me back to enjoying life.

Street Sense has been a life-changer. I can even afford hotel rooms when I want to. I thank you all! But, don’t let me leave out my little buddy, Charles, who first told me about Street Sense. I thank you too, little buddy. God loves you dearly for your works, my dear friend.

I am constantly reminded there are still some good and amazing people out there. So, world, watch out, ‘cause here I come! And I thank all of you for your open arms and warm hearts.