Line drawing of a man holding out his empty pockets
Levester Green

I had a bad summer, man;
my winter was worse.
Brokest I ever been,
damn this feeling, it hurts.   

I got a daughter five months, 
and one on the way.  
Two baby mommas that don’t like me, 
the things that they say,
to get me mad, it’s sad, 
‘cause I just wanna be a dad.   
A good father to my babies, 
please stop telling them bad.   

You need to tell them that I’m strong, 
you need to tell them that I try.  
I was born to make mistakes,  
I’m only human; I cry.  
Still I believe I can fly, 
through the rain and the storm.  
But with no money and no job, 
it’s kinda hard to keep warm.   

In a world where it’s cold, 
family like vultures it’s told.  
True friends become leeches, 
stickin’ around when you weakest.  
So whenever I’m strugglin’, 
that’s when the streets’, 
unconditional love come in, 
love come in.  

I can’t believe how time fly, 
my oldest daughter she one. 
Her baby sister’s five months, 
and while I’m rollin’ this blunt,  
it got me thinking about my life 
and the way I been living.  
My daughter Heaven just said, 
“Dada,” can you imagine the feeling? 

Her big sister Brooke-e, 
she’s walking, talking, and playin’.  
Two births in one year’s enough, 
to make Satan start praying.  
I’m down on my knees God, 
‘cause right now it’s really hard. 
I just lost my job; 
that’s the reason I steal and rob.   

The struggle’s a sad thing,
strugglin’ make you do bad things.  
The roar in my stomach, 
was the reason why I done it.  
‘Cause when you feel like your stomach,
touchin’ your back,  
the rumble inside ‘a make you run, 
and get strapped.   

And when it seem like you down, 
to your last dime,  
the demons inside seem to surface,
every time my babies crying.