Are we all trying to escape?
Where are we running to?
Rushing to get home
Rushing to get some sleep,
Rushing to get to work only to rush to get home again.

What are we running from?
Maybe we are all running toward something we can’t see.
They call this the rat race of life.
But do we really want to race through life?
It’s always something to do,
Some place to go and someone to see.
We are forced to pencil in a time and read a book or stroll through the park.
The crime, the debt,
The crying baby on the bus,
Looks like we are all trying to escape this life.
Life is precious and a gift to be cherished.

Moments to breathe in and make you new again.
The miracle of rain and the joy of snow.
Kids laughing and crying can both be blessings.
Let’s slow down and all appreciate the show.