Homelessness is on the rise in England,where a housing and homelessness charity called “Shelter” has seen a sharp rise in callers at risk of losing their homes. As a consequence, Shelter is desperately appealing for support. In the last year, Shelter’s advisers have talked to more than 51,000 callers who are almost homeless. This number adds up to about 1,000 calls per week, 28% higher than in
2012. Unfortunately, the charity expects this number to keep climbing. Shelter’s numbers indicate the possibility for up to 600 English households to lose their home on a given day.

As if these numbers weren’t tragic enough, they tend to surge over the holiday period. Homelessness Minister Kris Hopkins said Shelter and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau will receive £10 million to take charge of the National Homelessness Advice Service, which describes itself as an organization that aims to prevent homelessness and improve housing by giving free expert advice, training, and support to those working at the front line, reports The Daily Mirror.

Hopkins suggested this is just part of the increased effort and spending going toward preventing homelessness. According to Hopkins, rent prices in England have fallen for the last four years, while and home building is the highest since 2007.