An artist works on a project
Photos by Jon Howell

Eastern Market is the most interesting hub in the metropolitan area. Its unique meat, produce and flea market treasures create an ambience that keeps happy patrons coming back again and again. The market, which has been around since 1873, consists of a menagerie of independent and individual vendors who come together to make this atmosphere addictive. There is a bubble machine that will transform the most indifferent child into all smiles. The melodic sounds emanating from the saxophone, kalimba and bongo keep most patrons swaying and bouncing.  

The Street Sense vendor is an integral part of this festive gathering. Patrons and other vendors alike look forward to getting a Street Sense newspaper and often ask, “Did you write something in this issue?” Some of the vendor artists have incredible skills. From the painters to the aluminum molders, the talent is astonishing.  

Do yourself a favor and visit the Eastern Market to pick up a Street Sense newspaper from your favorite vendor! [smile] 

A musician plays a trumpet at Eastern Market
An artist paints at Eastern Market A musician plays at Eastern Market.

Photos by Jon Howell.