Stacks of ballots sit on a brown wood table
Ballots at an election board. Photo courtesy of Joe Hall / Flickr

It’s selfish, disingenuous, yellow media propaganda to even suggest and support the president’s assertions that the 2020 election is going to be rigged.

This coverage of his bogus claims should not be aired on national television or quoted and printed for all the public to read. It’s wrong for the leader of the free world to stoke hatred against undocumented immigrants. He has convinced the gullible that such people, who are receiving no federal relief during the pandemic, can go out of their way to cast millions of votes on Election Day.

This is just more slag designed to fuel bigotry and division in our communities. This rhetoric is what leads to situations like the shooting of Jacob Blake: building up the false picture of certain people as threats. It’s not fair for the mainstream media to give this president’s lies any airplay.

In all honesty, it takes a lot to rig an election in all 50 states. The process of registering to vote is like going to the DMV to get a drivers ID. If you have all the paperwork, it can be straightforward. But you can’t fake it.

The president has a duty to tell the truth to the people who give him or her power. The Federal Election Commission should be able to stand up to the president and to the public and fully declare that they haven’t noticed any sign of election rigging. The lies and misinformation being spread to influence how we cast our ballots are the real danger. 

Colly Dennis is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.