Ben Carson speaks to an audience.
Gage Skidmore/Flickr

This morning, I read the following headline: “Ben Carson Says Many Americans Are Stupid.” I am somewhat inclined to agree. However, the count would have to begin with him and me.
Carson, because he was “stupid” enough to make that statement while running for president and permitting it to be quoted by the media. Me, because the older I get, the more I discover how little I really know. Over the years, many have referenced my massive intellect. I have been called “smart alec,” “smart-assed ” and “smartypants” – all of which leave me dumbfounded.
However, the Creator has blessed me with many opportunities to experience things many of my background would never attempt. As a result, I have the good fortune to know a little about a lot, but never all about anything – unlike my friend Ben.
Ken Martin is a Vendor/Artist for Street Sense. He has a background in community organizing as well as real estate. Ken operates a pop-up hat shop in the District. Learn more at